Dealing with Difficult People

Strategies for Managing the Unmanageable

  1. Learn “judo communications” techniques to disarm and align
  2. Develop techniques for assertive intervention
  3. Develop skills in role playing and high-impact action methods
  4. Implement mediation and conflict resolution methods
  5. Influence change with NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)

Why Carrots and Sticks Don’t Work     

Employee Engagement through Pride-Based Motivation

  1. How to ignite your employee’s inter entrepreneur
  2. Execute pride-based motivation: autonomy, mastery and purpose
  3. Discover the hidden costs and addictive nature of rewards
  4. Identify and overcome employee problems and appropriate actions
  5. Strategies to get employees to participate in the “solution”

Motivating the What’s In It for Me Generation

Engaging the Multi-Cultural and Multi-Generational Workforce

  1. Methods to motivate and manage four diverse generations
  2. Develop leadership from transitions from control and compliance to autonomy and freedom
  3. Five creative ways to engage employees
  4.  Implementing the five essential elements to self-motivation
  5. Execute a model that overcomes the epidemic of narcissism
  6.  Learn how to hire and keep top talent

Mastering the Art of Negotiation

How to Let Someone Else Have YOUR Way

  1. Learn to implement the five steps of the negotiation process
  2. Learn to reframe: Transform reluctance into commitment
  3.  Learn to deal with psychological warfare
  4. Learn to get to “yes” by leveraging power, time and information

Taming the Everyday Tiger

Creating Calm from Chaos

  1. Learn to be proactive rather than reactive to conflict and crisis
  2. Develop skills in conflict resolution: Don’t just cope, change it
  3. Develop time and energy management skills
  4. Discuss the power of perception and perspective
  5. Learn coping strategies and stress management

Unstoppable Influence and The DNA of Persuasion

  1. Learn to implement the four cornerstones of empowerment
  2. Discuss the differences of influence, persuasion and negotiation
  3. Implementing outcomes by design, not by default
  4. Master the art and science of influence for transformational leadership
  5. Learn maneuvers and methods to escape the velvet prison: apathy

Workplace Bullying and Violence

Strategies to Create a Caring Culture

  1. Increase the awareness of all staff and supervisors on the destructive repercussions of bullying, aggression and violence
  2. Implement a self-sustaining system of transparency and enforced policies and procedures
  3. Identify types of anger and manage aggressive behaviors
  4. Learn specific action plans and strategies to resolve issues and challenging behaviors
  5. Develop a climate of civility and respect: See it, call it, stop it

Creativity on Demand

From the No Drift to the Idea Zone

  1. Learn the seven steps to making your team an idea generator
  2. Learn to overcome process paralysis
  3. Develop strategies to move from dissonance to resolution
  4. Practical creativity for problem solving and conflict resolution

Communicate Like a Pro

High Impact Presentation Skills

  1. Polish your presentation with psychological tools and triggers
  2. Retrain your brain to perfect your power of presence
  3. Learn mental mastery to present with pizzazz and impact
  4. Design your “talk” with stories, metaphors, tempo, and emotions


How to Write Marketing Copy that Converts

  1. Learn the psychology of words that work and action verbs
  2. Create a virtual experience: Inject emotion and ownership
  3. Design and develop impact with the online culture
  4. Integrate a call to action

LeaderShift: Changing the Way We Manage Change

  1. Learn a model that motivates, monitors, manages and measures change
  2. Learn tools to reduce resistance and improve performance
  3. Develop steps to create to activate a compelling vision
  4. Learn steps to develop followers into leaders
  5. Learn the method that will mobilize the efforts of others for TeamThink

Right-Brain Leadership: Creating Team Synergy

  1. Develop a greater self-awareness of how one’s behaviors affects others.
  2. Gain the ability to better give and receive candid feedback.
  3. Explore ways and means of fostering creativity, mutual respect, trust, and open communication in oneself and others.
  4. Develop different ways of leading and influencing others beyond the command-and-control style.
  5. Explore ways in which intuition can enhance innovation, creativity & productivity

Putting Your Organization’s Whole Brain to Work

  1. Define and describe the Whole Brain Model based on the HBDI
  2. Examine how thinking preferences affect behaviors in planning, communications and work performance
  3. Explore how the participant’s behaviors reflect these styles
  4. Understand how to implement the results of the HBDI profiles

* HBDI is the Herrmann Brain Dominance Inventory


Innovate or Evaporate: Power Up Your Brain for Breakthrough Thinking

  1. Create a culture of constant creativity for optimal performance
  2. Unleash untapped powers of mind to create “idea generators”
  3. Ignite innovation: Cash in on creativity – the currency of the future
  4. Develop your business intuition and learn to listen to hunches
  5. Learn mind wandering techniques for creative problem solving.

Communicate with Impact Is Anyone Listening?


1.Overcome blocks and obstacles to being a good listener

  1. Learn to confront the performance, not the person
  2. Develop the art of creative questioning for interactive conversation.
  3. Learn listening styles that build trust, rapport and team alignment
  4. Implement the four keys to being an “observant” listener
  5. Develop a system of listening that separate content from feelings

Effective Facilitation Tools and Techniques

  1. Discuss how managers and leaders can become facilitators
  2. Learn to jump-start group interdependence
  3. Implement four essential elements of facilitation: Purpose, goals, roles

and procedures

  1. Develop strategies to create compromise: How to capitalize on conflict
  2. Implement three crucial processes: Planning, problem solving, tasks

Customer Service: A Contact Sport

  1. Implement the five S.M.A.R.T strategies for customer satisfaction
  2. Learn to avoid the twelve deadly sins of customer service
  3. Discuss “inside the box” and the importance of internal customers
  4. Implement the critical shift: Transform tough customers into raving fans

Communication Skills

  1. Learn strategies and style to have influence and impact
  2. Demonstrate NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) proficiency for change
  3. Understand body language: The power of pitch, they truth about tone
  4. Practice techniques to deal with difficult people
  5. Master the art of inquiry and effective questioning
  6. Implement the STAR Method: Situation, task, action, and results

Embracing Diversity

  1. Understand diverse thinking styles: Right brain – left brain
  2. Create a culture of inclusion for a high-performance work team
  3. Retrain the brain to break down barriers and biases
  4. Respect: Implementing core values
  5. Differentiate perception, facts and reality

Time Management

  1. Learn to prioritize: Defining what is urgent vs. important
  2. Break bad habits: The email addiction and technology
  3. Control interruptions; deal with deadlines
  4. Overcome procrastination
  5. Develop systems: Delete, delegate or “just do it”

Getting Organized

  1. Develop and design systems of time and energy management
  2. Learn the 3 P’s of effective execution: Plan, prepare, prevent
  3. Learn behavioral change methods to eliminate clutter
  4. Make technology work for you: Go paperless


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