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Edie, YOU Makes the Difference (S.C. Johnson)

An Authority on The Other AI…Accelerated Innovation, Edie’s nuts-and-bolts, results-oriented programs challenge the way you think and change the way you do business. Known for her wit, wisdom, energy, and enthusiasm, Edie’s high-content, inspiring keynotes provide a “spark to the start” with mind-mastery methods that transform intentions into action and make change happen.

Don’t Just Hire a Speaker


Edie Will Challenge the Way You Think…
And Change the Way You Do Business with These Topics

  • Unstoppable: If you can’t walk…DANCE
  • Dopamine: The catalyst of motivation, performance, and productivity
  • Thinking differently together: From conflict to collaboration and inclusion
  • Igniting Innovation: Game-changing Leadership that Transforms Cultures
  • Why carrots and sticks don’t work: Energizing employee engagement

Edie’s high-impact keynotes have inspired thousands of associations and Fortune
500 companies on five continents



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