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Edie Raether is an international speaker, author, and success coach for small business owners and entrepreneurs. A behavioral science expert and human asset manager, she is an authority on stress management, influence, and breakthrough thinking for an ROI – Return on Innovative Intelligence. Edie has also been a college professor and and talk show host with ABC.


Transformation and Change from the “Insight” Out

LeaderShift is an ever-evolving dynamic system of transformational leadership that integrates creativity with innovative management strategies. Develop a learning organization through effective coaching to facilitate emotional intelligence, the “heart” of change. Learn triggers and hot buttons to motivate the unmotivated and maintain a high-performance work team by putting your company’s whole brain to work. When you lead … will they follow?


From Diversity to Synergy for a Compassionate Culture

Through hands-on, feet-first group exercises and trust-building activities, you will assess and develop your collective or team IQ. By developing our uniqueness and the “me” in “we”, team diversity transforms into synergy through effective communications and conflict management skills. Beyond generational, gender and cultural differences, learn to understand, respect and embrace various thinking styles and all kinds of minds to create a more productive, high performance work team and pluralistic work force.

FutureThink Marketing

Partnering and Positioning for a Competitive Advantage

Don’t pitch products … penetrate prospects! Discover why traditional marketing no longer works in a society suffering from information overload and communication saturation. Learn what works and what doesn’t, how toavoid the trend trap or “me too” marketing and develop a brand or niche market without a Nike budget. Beyond networking, create partnerships and discover the power of alliance.

Strategic Thinking for Organizational Change

Putting Your Company’s Whole Brain to Work

From facts to feedback and from ideas to implementation, this innovative approach to strategic planning assesses each team member’s natural skills, strengths and thinking preferences for appropriate task delegation to maximize team synergy. Discover how left brain leverage and a right brain advantage can take you from traditional, analytical decision making to creative problem solving essential for competitive positioning and optimal performance and productivity. Reduce resistance to change by selling problems, not solutions, and learn to facilitate transitions, the real challenge of change, by providing a compelling performance reward.


Your Success Blueprint: Mastering the Inner Game of Wealth

If you don’t like the printout – change your program. The outer laws of wealth or personal success will not take you to the next level unless you change your “success setpoint” and financial thermostat. Your wealth can only grow to the extent that you do. Learn to get out of your own way and grow yourself so you are bigger than the problem. Stop sabotaging your success with unconscious, limiting goals. Learn how winners think … differently! Activate the search engines of your unconscious network – 87% of your brainpower. Are your brain chemicals triggering your PowerZone or your poverty’s comfort zone? Don’t just follow up – Live Up!

Forget Selling

12 Principles of Influence and Persuasion in Sales, Leadership, and Life

Increase sales with instant influence and mental shortcuts in selling to today’s instinctual buyer. Identify and mind-match the decision-making processes and buying styles of the client for a customer connection that compels action. Smooth, slick sales strategies no longer work in today’s savvy marketplace. Avoid the deadly mistakes that sabotage commitment and closing. Influence change through effective negotiation strategies and persuasive presentation. Selling is about “buying” a piece of the customer’s mind and creating alignment by matching your selling style with their buying styles for an action advantage.

Influence and Persuasion for Power and Profit

A Blueprint for Sales and Business Success

Available as a full or half-day seminar

Being without influence is like being a cat without claws in the business jungle. Since all existing performance models are static and thus are only the conduit, the MasterStream Method is dynamic and thus provides the spark for desired behavioral change to maintain momentum. If you have faithfully followed other programs without the promised success, this program will reveal the missing but essential element for influence and impact to increase your personal power and profit. To get what you want, you must understand and exercise influence.


Edie Raether

Edie Reather

Edie Raether, MS, CSP is a Change Strategist? who transforms potential into possibilities and optimal performance for individuals, educators, entrepreneurs and small business owners, trade associations and corporations.

Wings for Wishes

Wings for Wishes

I Believe I Can Fly is the first of a series of programs designed to build character and increase self-esteem in children and teens.

Stop Bullying With Edie

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Changing Hearts and Minds from the "Insight" Out.
Statistics indicate that everyday in the US approximately 160,000 students stay home from school due to bullying.